Givers ‘New Kingdom’ | Album Review

Givers 'New Kingdom' | Glassnote | 13.11.15.

Givers’ rise to fame has already been the whirlwind you might imagine from a band that formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina – yet on ‘New Kingdom’, they sound as fresh and young as ever.

The album saunters in at just under an hour, giving the band space to explore dream-like sequences and an already well-established Cajun influence. Elsewhere however, there is a progression: co-frontwoman Tiffany Lamson’s vocal has grown, making a bigger impact than it did on ‘In Light’, echoing ballroom eloquence. Expansive structures and melodies also highlight an impressive growth over all. Givers have truly overcome the darker moments of their past.

Check out ‘Sleeper Hold’ right here: 

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