Icarus ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’ | EP Review

Icarus 'Don't Cry Wolf' | FFRR | Out Now.

Bristol-based production duo, Icarus, have 2-stepped up their game with new EP ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’. Modelled around their standout track of the same name, it shows their experimental take on dance music in a pop-ier, more succinct light. ‘Cassia’ conversely indulges in rolling repetition, with a handful of creative twist-turns that ensure you stay duly intrigued.

Although each track varies in both sound and approach, modernisation and attention to detail seem to be the running themes. As we’re taken back to the early noughties with ‘Gold’, the pair showcase their ability to sound fresh, even while creating a sense of nostalgia. An all-round, carefully-crafted release that’s full of surprises.

Stream the EP right here:

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