Jemima Surrender ‘The Uninhabited World’ | Album Review

Jemima Surrender 'The Uninhabited World' | Self-release | 19.10.15.

After teasing us with ‘Sylvia’ a few months ago, Bristol’s best “wonky pop” trio Jemima Surrender are back working their peculiar magic on ‘The Uninhabited World’. In few words, the band’s debut epitomises all that’s great about indie rock — and in a relatively condensed state.

Whether it’s their kooky, off-kilter melodies, or the ferocious and brooding beast that lurks behind, highlights ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Or Anyone’ alone convince on these and other incomparable qualities. From the Foals-y ‘Hammer And Peg’ that sets the album off with a short, sweet burst of colour, to the album’s plaintive closer ‘Hysteria’, and all that lies between, Jemima Surrender once again deliver on every point.

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