John E Vistic ‘What Will Be’ | EP Review

John E Vistic 'What Will Be' | Black Heart Studios | 22.06.15.


With a slew of larger-than-life projects under his belt — even recently a fusion of music, film and theatre entitled ‘Russian Winter’ — John E Vistic is something of a Bristol household name.

Forlorn tones here take us through Americana to blue-eyed soul and straight-up country, treading the kind of familiar lines that demand weighty comparisons. The weapons required to hold one’s own against Cash or Dylan-sized expectations are prowess and sincerity — thankfully things that Vistic shows he has some of to spare on this brief EP alone.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a song, I truly timeless song, perhaps you should grab a word with our own John E Vistic.

Stream ‘Long Time Gone’ right here:

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