Kwabs ‘Love + War’ | Album Review

Kwabs 'Love + War' | Atlantic | 11.09.15.


As a solo artist with unicorn lungs and production steeped in grandeur, Kwabs lives in a crowded house.

Some in his position may adopt a typically British disposition and approach their record with meek caution, but ‘Love + War’ a celebration of epic pop. Its naiveté may seem dated in places — gospel backing gives Kwabs a platform of decadent torment — but at its heart, this record is a warts-and-all nod to the 90s, that time just before we got bored of the pop-star excess.

This record brushes off the grit of recent soul, and why not? If you dig SWV, En Vogue, Blackstreet et al, then this house doesn’t seem so crowded after all.

Check out ‘Perfect Ruin’ right here:

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