Youth Lagoon ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ | Album Review

Youth Lagoon 'Savage Hills Ballroom' | Fat Possum | 25.08.15.


In a world where most of the best ideas are already taken, it comes as no surprise to find people emulating the sounds of their peers. In fact, some of the most popular music of the last twenty years has been a direct lift from prior decades.

Trevor Powers, or Youth lagoon as he’s more widely known, is a deft emulator, clearly influenced by the indie-pop sensibilities of Tame Impala, Bombay Bicycle Club, MGMT and so on. His quirky vocal stylings add enough character to his reproductions to gain strong following, but you’re left wondering whether a straight 4/4 would bring his output a little more up-to-date.

Check out ‘The Knower’ right here: 

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