Jungle | Live Review

Jungle @ Anson Rooms, Bristol. 04.11.14.


Once in a while a band comes along with the power to instantly win hearts of the hip nation. Jungle are exactly those guys. Donning matching bomber jackets, they bop into Bristol with a sold-out show at Anson Rooms awaiting them.

A glance at the stage tells of such success. Signed to XL Recordings, they’ve pulled in some fancy lighting that flickers with their logo, it’s all a bit special, and certainly far from the average weeknight show here. As the first notes of ‘Platoon’ are played, there’s a swell of joy around the venue, it’s a fitting celebration for  their breakthrough year.

The show is constructed around the silky pop-grooves of their mercury nominated debut album. A bands sound can often be lost within the vast rectangular room, though tonight Jungle seize it, filling every inch with atmosphere; although judging from their high-profile appearances on major festival stages this summer, we shouldn’t have expected anything less. The sheer amount of members cramming the stage also helps to amplify the complex, soupy rhythms during tracks like ‘The Heat’ and ‘Drops’.

Remaining anonymous until the launch of their debut album turned out to be a solid move, after all, there’s something about enigma that we just so love. The focus is, and always will be about the music here. The flow of bouncing heads doesn’t slow throughout the night, although they certainly climax during the encore of ‘Busy Earnin’.

Already re-booked for a much bigger show at the Academy next February, you can’t help but feel lucky to have witnessed such a powerful group of musicians in the small venue.

Check out ‘The Heat’ right here:

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