All good music videos have a connection with the actual song right? You can film super artsy, nice looking, sepia tinged visuals all you want, but the best videos (at least for idiots like me) always help to enforce the message of the song. With this in mind, Exeter’s finest pop-punk band Muncie Girls have released an amazing new video for new single ‘Respect’.

The single is their latest from debut album, From Caplan to Belsize, which is due out on the 4th March. Both video and song tackle rape culture and the ‘lad’ image associated with it.

In it signer Lande Hekt wakes up in a stranger’s bed, finding the walls adorned with FHM pull outs, lad mags littering the floor and a bookcase full of Bukoski. Don’t worry though, Lande’s in the mood for some redecorating. The best bit has Lande chucking out a Black Flag album and replacing it with a stack of vinyl that include Sleater-Kinney and Huggy Bear. Interestingly, when writing the song, Lande recorded herself reading extracts from Stéphanie Genz and Laura Bates, and bits of this ended up in the final recording.

The three-piece are playing three special shows to celebrate the album next month, in London, Exeter and Brighton, and will also find themselves in Bristol’s Stag and Hounds on April 3rd. Expect a raucous show.

Check out ‘Respect’ right here: