It may feel more than Autumn than August right now but Trinity Bristol isn’t letting that stop them from putting on their annual outdoor cinema series.

Working with Come the Revolution, the series will welcome a weekend full of some of the best films around as well as DJ sets, food stalls and a fully stocked bar.

Starting on Saturday 2nd September, the outdoor cinema series kicks off with the Oscar-award-winning masterpiece Moonlight. There will also be a pre-screening set by DJ and broadcaster DJ Kid Sis, an outside bar and Miami-inspired food stalls.

In the Mood For Love will follow on Sunday 3rd September. Trinity describe it as “Wong Kar-wai’s exquisite film filled with colour, costume and poise,” and will be preceded by a live performance from Hokkett. This time, the food will be inspired by 1960’s Hong Kong.

Grab tickets to the screenings here and in the meantime, check out the trailers for Moonlight and In the Mood For Love below.