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Auditions close on 10.12.15, online track submissions close 10.01.16.

Take a look at the photoset from the #SaffronSigns campaign launch event

Their aim is to provide young female musicians with high quality mentoring and artist development with established artists

It should (obviously) come to no surprise to you that woman in music, especially in bands, have been misrepresented for a long time. You’re an intelligent person with eyes, ears and the internet, you don’t need reminding. Instead of bemoaning this though, Bristol based Saffron Records do very much the opposite.

Established as part of the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Scheme, and Bristol’s first youth record label, Saffron Records give apprenticeships and workshops to girls aged 16-24 aimed towards helping them break into the music industry. And, of course, they sign bands.

They don’t just want to chuck records out though, their aim is to “provide young female musicians with high quality mentoring and artist development with established artists,” and as a push to get new talent, they have launched their new #SaffronSigns campaign. They’re asking for young woman, aged 16-24, all around Bristol to submit their music to them, with the audition deadline being the 10th December and online track submission the 10th January. From there they are going to pick 3 artists that they want to record, mentor and release.

“The music industry has a history of exploitation and we are driven to identify which roles females are underrepresented in and aim to break down these stereotypical barriers of gender within the industry,” they explain. “In order to do this we are building a community of musically-minded artists and creatives and we’d love you to be a part of it!”

It’s a really amazing project, and one that you can help simply by sharing their campaign flyer and keeping your eyes peeled for news on the artists. All this will help them change the music industry “one young empowered woman at a time.” Submissions can be taken and auditions requested through their online artist form.

Check out ‘1 & 2′ right here, from Saffron Records patron Eva Lazarus:

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