Sweet Baboo releases Christmas track | News

Sweet Baboo 'Don’t Be Alone (This Christmas)' 01.12.15

The track is the first off Sweet Baboo’s new EP, ‘Dennis’, out next year

Disappointed with your cheap advent calendar chocolate? Well never fear, cheer yourself up with an extra 1st of December present from Wales’ Sweet Baboo, who has lovingly gifted you a special Christmas song. We all know that most Christmas songs only drive us towards full insanity, but ‘Don’t Be Alone (This Christmas)’ gets the balance right between sleigh bells and sax solos as Sweet Baboo worries about poor old Santa having to travel alone on Christmas.

And if that doesn’t melt your icy heart, you Scrooge McDuck, the track is the first off Sweet Baboo’s new EP, ‘Dennis’, out next year. The 6-track EP will be released on Feb 26th through Moshi Moshi, with three covers (Daniel Johnston, The Exciters, The Beach Boys) and two previously unreleased tracks from his TBB album sessions. Hooray!

Listen to ‘Don’t Be Alone (This Christmas)’ right here and download the track from the Sweet Baboo website:

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