25th May | O2 Academy

Skunk Anansie are one of those bands where, similar to Radiohead or Muse, you have to constantly remind yourself of the number band members, as just the four of them manage to create such an epic flood of noise. Unlike most of the Brit Pop hordes that characterised the 90’s they didn’t feel the need to emulate and pay homage to the 60’s British rock invasion. Their music was more of an operatic rock with uncommonly well written songs about religion and politics aside the arrestingly passionate and shamelessly honest personal songs; the most famous arguably being ‘Brazen (Weep)’ with it fragility and raucous indignation.

Fronted by the inimitable Skin (Deborah Dyer) with her shaven head and mesmeric eyes, she has the inclination for outlandish stage garb, the most famous being her giant black feathered outfit which pops up every time you look for photos of her. She is often cited as ‘the factor’ which sets the band apart due to her immensely powerful voice which adds a humbling elegance and indisputable menace to the songs, as well as an unspoken demand to pay attention to the lyrics.

Check out ‘Brazen (Weep)’ below.