Spectres ‘This Purgatory’ | VIDEO

Spectres, 'This Purgatory' from album 'Dying'

Bristol’s Spectres are not known for mincing their words. In a musical landscape dominated by bands treading a bland middle ground, trying to seem ‘authentic’ whilst similarly trying not to upset their labels, it’s refreshing for someone, anyone, to push in a different direction.

In this spirit, they’ve released a video they say they’ve been sitting on for a while; the video is for their new single ‘This Purgatory’ off latest album ‘Dying’. It sees them tear round BBC studios on the hunt for a certain returning DJ. The squalling guitars, thick feedback and menacing drums turn what should be a jolly Live Lounge sesh into a spot of murder. Enjoy!

Head to the ‘This Purgatory’ tumblr for an in-depth interview with guitarist/lead vocalist Joe Hatt.

[NB: The BBC have no affiliation with Spectres or this video. It’s purely satirical]

Watch ‘This Purgatory’ right here:

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