I’ve always wanted to do my own thing; whatever that is, I don’t really know? I just trust my instinct and go with what feels right. As soon as I start worrying about why I’m doing it, it usually starts to crumble down around me. I kind of trick myself into believing what I’m doing is right, then get so wrapped up in an idea that it’s too late to back out. Fear of being boring or predictable is a great way to stay motivated, I find.

When I was younger I dreamt of being a film director before I knew what that really meant. Now, 25 years later, that’s still my goal. Have I got any closer? I don’t know. Probably not.

In the mid-90s when I was a teenager we got SKY TV and I was subsequently sucked into the world of MTV. This coincided with my interest in what I guess you would call ‘alternative music’ and it was then that something clicked. Music videos became my obsession and I would spend quite some time in front of the TV flicking between all the music channels hoping to catch and record all the videos I was into. So many lost days in front of that screen. I’d also record the songs off the TV to cassette so I could dream up new videos while on walks with my dog.

Making music videos is easy, it’s not hard. Anyone can do it. Bands themselves might as well do it. I think the key though is to be able to put a little something of yourself in there. It’s all about character, the real idea. That in my opinion is the difference between a good video and a not-so-good video. Often I put in things from the previous video shoots just to amuse myself. I think you’ve to keep yourself excited by these things, otherwise, there’s just no point to it all.

My biggest worry is getting trapped in the same cycle and repeating myself, so the challenge is to really stretch myself as much as I can. Everything is training for the next thing you want to do; for me, making full-length films. So just keep building, keep collaborating and keep looking forward.

James Hankins has been making music videos for three years, now under his brotherly start-up Hankin Films. Check out their portfolio at here

Check out Velcro Hooks’ ‘Severin’ The Mind’ right here: