Photo: Adam Hastings

A more succinct tracks of the week than usual but as always, it’s all about quality over quantity. Here’s some A+ songs to get you through to the weekend.

Brockhampton – Star

You when you’re listening to a new artist and, as much as you like the song, you slightly hate them for being so talented. Well, Brockhampton are like that but times nine. The young rap group (though they prefer the term boyband) have just released four absolutely killer songs in anticipation of new mixtape Saturation, but ‘Star’ encompasses their sound the most fully. The beginning is hard hitting, glitchy, petulant rap which is suddenly cut short for a sweet melodic outro.

Swimming Girls – Tastes Like Honey

Four-piece Swimming Girls are Bristol’s next big guitar pop band. That’s just fact. It’ll only take you about thirty seconds of ‘Tastes Like Honey’ to realise that. From the shimmering guitars, to the dreamy synths, every second of the track will stick to you.

Jesuits – WU X SHU

Many in Bristol have been waiting to hear how local favourites The Jesuits have adapted to their new sound as a three piece. Whilst the changes are obvious - the band are focussed heavily on 80’s post-punk as opposed to their shoegazey sound of the past - their talent for writing hooks and sonic expansion is still there.

The Cribs - In Your Palace

Probably one of the sheeniest and grungy iterations of the Cribs we’ve seen so far. Beginning with a riff that probably wouldn’t be too out of place on a Weezer album, the track then descends in the heartfelt punk that the three-piece have perfected over the last decade and a bit.

Dazy Crown - Multi Vitamin

Dazy Crown are a band far too laid back to have have come Norwich. The warped guitar lines that serve as ‘Multi Vitamin’’s introduction sound like they’ve been scrapped off an LA pavement after melting in the heat. All in all, the song is the perfect psyche-jam to kick back to.

Chest Pains - Petrified

Yet another incredible band from Leeds, Chest Pains make dark, dirty post-punk that should more than satisfy those in need of a shot of adrenaline. The vocals, like a gnarlier Ian Curtis, sound isolated but powerful, and are perfectly complimented by the driving rhythm section.

Honeymoons - Trying

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Bournemouth band Honeymoons are back with another new song. Whilst the shimmering guitars are still there, ‘Trying’ takes a far more psyche-pop approach to proceedings, with its funky bassline and dreamy vocals making comparisons to Tame Impala easy. But there’s a spirit, drive and rough feel to the song which helps to make it completely its own.

We’ll have more great songs next week.