Photo credit: Adan Carlo

A rather large statement may have been made in this column this week. In a way, I have predicted the future. Please forgive me if I proven wrong, but in the mean time bask in the glory of this weeks best new tracks:

Lomelda – Out There

Compared to the cinematic road trip that was the first taste of new album Thx, ‘Out There’ is an intimate affair. The hushed vocals feel so close your can touch them, their fragility and beauty making them absolutely hypnotic. The dreamy guitars and keyboard help to create space for the song to grow, with it’s most quiet moments often being the most touching.

Charli XCX – Boys

Ladies and gentlemen, call of the search. It’s arrived. It’s here: the best song of two thousand and seventeen. I know it’s only just over half way through the year, but I think I can confidently say that no better song will come out. A bubbling, Game Boy sampling, SOPHIE-produced instrumental is paired with Charli XCX’s fantastic lyrics, which have her apologising for missing social dates and not paying attention because she was “busy thinkin’ ‘bout boys”. Simple, catchy and brilliantly original, ‘Boys’ will take over your life.

Kevin Abstract – Miserable America

This was released originally last year, but it seems that Kevin Abstract has finally found time in his hectic schedule to record some incredible visuals to accompany the stand out track from last year’s American Boyfriend album. Taking place at ‘Mr Red’s Conversion Camp’, the video Kevin is shown suspended upside down, flanked by dancers as he raps “My boyfriend saved me, my mother’s homophobic, I’m stuck in the cupboard, I’m so claustrophobic.” If you haven’t already listened to the track, or indeed the whole album, then now is your chance.

Bloody Knees – Not Done

Bloody Knees are back after a surprisingly long time to remind us they’re ‘Not Done’. With the fire still clearly in their bellies, ‘Not Done’ hits you with a ton of guitars from the off. The almost tender verses contrast with the crunching chorus, serving as a timely reminder of what made their ‘Stitches’ EP so much fun.

Corbin – ICE BOY

God it feels like forever since we last heard the heartbreaking vocals of Minnesota’s Corbin. After the youngster blew up after the release of his two mixtapes under his Lil Spook/Spooky Black monikers, he has gone away and streamlined his sound. The result is an impassioned 80’s-indebted track that is pitched midway between Bones and Abra. The smoothness that inhabited his early records has gone, instead replaced by a crackling, charged vocal.

Holy Family – Empty Gestures

This second single from Canada-based, Sweden-born band Holy Family perfectly showcases the kind of pulsating, emotive pop that the group want to grab you with. ‘Empty Gestures’ starts with a strong groove, the kind that seems to move at with the beat of your heart. From there though the song explodes out, with a room-filling chorus whose catchy barbs will stick in your for days.

Jerkcurb – Little Boring Thing

This b-side to the unnerving ‘Voodoo Saloon’ paints from a similar sonic palate, but feels woozier, less like a 50’s horror film. Very simple instrumentally, the tracks relies on a shimmering guitar line and Jerkcurb’s wonderfully unique vocal melodies. A hypnotic song about ‘sleepwalking into comfort’, this new track shows an exciting other side to Jerkcurb.

Jesus and his Judgmental Father – My Mistake

Off the band’s new album It Might Get Better, ‘My Mistake’ is part self-examination, part declaration of love. “You can think about it cos you knock me out” is a hook so good you’ll find yourself singing it everywhere you go. Joyous and brash, ‘My Mistake’ is a perfect three minutes of punk.

Alvvays – Dreams Tonite

‘Dreams Tonite’ paints a different side of Alvvays. Instead of the lo-fi, ramshackle indie pop of their debut album, ‘Dreams Tonite’ is instead a pristine clean, dreamy slice of 80’s pop. The vocals seem clearer, calmer, whilst the razor sharp drums cut through the swirling layers of synths and guitars. We can only hope that ‘Dreams Tonite’ somehow worms its way onto the new Stranger Things soundtrack.

Come back next week for more of our favourite new music.