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Velcro Hooks 'Severin The Mind' 15.01.16

Lots of feedback, lots of fuzz and lots of fun

Bristol’s very own Velcro Hooks have finally emerged from wherever they’ve been hiding for about the last year to gift us with a great new single.

Just incase you’ve been worried about them, it turns out they’ve not just been moping around, but instead building their own studio, recording their new album and generally being productive. New single ‘Severin the Mind’ is the first taste of their new work, and it’s unsurprisingly noisy and raucous. It sounds a bit like Fat White Family if they were raised on a diet of The Jesus & Mary Chain; lots of feedback, lots of fuzz and lots of fun.

The song will be released on the 15th January via Howling Owl, but with no word on when the album is out, you can just listen to this endlessly until it does.

Listen to ‘Severin the Mind’ right here:

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