Chances are, if you’re like me, you still haven’t quite got over the bank holiday weekend. The potent mixture of beer, family roasts and chocolate has meant that my brain is still not functioning at full capacity and a sudden sugar crash is probably imminent.

Luckily DimSŵn have released their full lineup and schedule for this years event, not only cheering me up, but also slowly reintroducing my brain into society by getting me to work out my itinerary for the day.

Taking place on the April 9th DimSŵn boasts 35 live performances and 3 club nights spread over 6 venues all over Cardiff. For those wanting to see the likes of Bry, The Big Moon and Mike Dignam, tickets are still available at the fantastic price of £25, and for those aged 14-17, tickets are only £5!

There’s a huge amount of new music on offer and so those with a hankering to discover some new acts should be their ticket ASAP. Head here to see the full schedule.

Check out The Big Moon’s ‘Nothing Without You’ right here: