Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the video for Goan Dogs‘ ‘Flying Business Class’. A five-piece known for their impressively layered live shows and western-inspired desert rock, their new video sees the Bristol-based band adding slicker-than-your-average dance moves to their talents. You could say, they’re Bristol’s answer to the Backstreet Boys.

Filmed in a car park in Bristol, a seaside town in Devon, and the “savannah desert” in Dartmoor, members Theo Mackie and Sam Kynan Powell were the brains behind the visuals. “The dancing thing is something we’ve been wanting to do for ages. It’s always been an idea that has come up every time music videos are mentioned, and when it came to releasing Flying Business Class, we just thought let’s do it,” they tell me.

“So we cleared out a weekend, jumped in the van and basically danced our faces off for two days straight. It was so so funny, we all got a bit drunk and just gave it everything. Camera man Adam Stocker, from Mighty Colour Films, was on hand to help with the cinematography side of things, with the pair saying that “having him onboard made a total difference.”

As for the dance moves – that was all down to the band’s initial instincts. “The large majority of them are our natural responses to the song,” explains Mackie. “We’ve talked about how great it is that people’s responses to music are so wildly different and it was amazing to see that in practice!”

To celebrate the release of the video and the single, Goan Dogs will be headlining a free show at Start the Bus tonight, then heading to Dalston’s Birthdays tomorrow evening. Can’t get enough of the single? You can download it for free from tomorrow morning at the Goan Dogs website. Now sit back, relax and let these boys do a dance for you.

Check out the ‘Flying Business Class’ video right here: