Brighton’s Fear of Men are set to make their return to Bristol in support of their fantastic new album Fall Forever, which is out June 3rd via Kanine Records. Having just got back from SXSW, this will be the first time they’ll be showing Bristol their new material.

Ever since the release of their first EP Early Fragments, the band have been constantly evolving and growing their brand of dark guitar pop, and new album Fall Forever is no different. New single ‘Island’ is super atmospheric, with singer Jess Weiss’ vocals gliding over calm synths, krautrock drums and beautiful harmonies. Oh yeah, and the video takes place in suitably atmospheric settings, with a Wuthering Heights style moor and creepy country church heavily featuring alongside a shed load of candles.

The band have spoken recently about trying to take on the challenge of turning music made mostly on computers into the live setting. Turning pre-programmed synth noises and mechanically in time drum beats into a three piece live set up is no easy task, but the band feel that guitars can give a warmth and humanity live that keyboards often can’t.

As if you weren’t lucky enough, Fear of Men will be gracing Start the Buses famous stage. Fear of Men’s music is so atmospheric and huge it could fill even Colston Hall easily, so having them on a much more intimate stage is going to either blow your head off or have you lying in a pool of your own tears. If it’s emotional honesty, fragility laid bare and also a huge pop hook, then Start the Bus on June 3rd will be the place for you.

We’ve got two pairs of tickets to giveaway for the show – head here for your chance to win them!

Check out ‘Descent’ right here: