As much as every radio station wants you to think the only song that came out this week is that god awful Tom Odell one, there were a few great new tracks that came out this week. You know, ones that you’ll like. Promise. Look, just have a listen. You’ll love ALL of them:

Oliver Wilde – Blit Scratch

Another new single from the Bristol boy, and a song unlike anything he’s done before. ‘Blit Scratch’ starts off like a typical Oliver Wilde song, but by the time the chorus hits it’s very obvious that this is anything but. It’s heavy, almost dance infused dance infused, with one of the most catchy choruses he’s ever written plus an insane breakdown. It’s a track that shows, once again, that there’s no point trying to second guess Wilde.

Dellux – Fool

The first track off Newport native Dellux’s first EP ‘Dreamer’ is a subtle, sexy 3 minutes of synthy electronica. Taking tips from the sparse production of people like Jai Paul and DVSN, it’s a track that takes the R&B sounds of America but twists them into something very British.

Joey Fourr – Tiny Tiny

Another slice of sunshine pop from Joey Fourr. The track is off No Dice Tapes new tape supporting Action for Trans, and features everything we’ve come to expect from Joey Fourr: a big chorus, guitars that sound like they’ve been strung with spaghetti and lo-fi pop wonderment.

Death of Pop – Don’t Bother Me

London’s Death of Pop have been a bit quiet recently and there’s been a hole in my life because of it. Luckily new single ‘Don’t Bother Me’, first single with “super-signing” new bassist Rich Dent, is a stunner. The chorus laden guitars and dreamy harmonies recall English Settlement era XTC. So basically it sounds amazing.

Rhonda Dalling – Walk Me Round

Some beautiful, subtle folk straight off Bristol-based Breakfast Record’s first compliation tape. Rhonda’s strong but husky voice puts you in mind of an early Laura Marling (before she went all Americana), but somehow more pure, with an added level of depth.

Buy it on tape!

Robin Pecknold – Swimming

What’s the best way to end your band’s hiatus? To release a new solo song! Well that’s what Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold has done anyway. Whatever material surfaces from the band’s new sessions, I doubt it’ll be anything like this brilliantly weird instrumental. Backed by a lo-fi motorik rhythm, guitars swirl in and out, drenched in fuzz and reverb. It’s the kind of song that you could get lost in for 10 minutes so it’s a shame it only goes on for four.

Lance Bangs – Lance Bangs #1 Single Released on 4/20

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first solo project from renowned music video director and Jackass collaborator of the same name, but is instead a brilliantly lo-fi punk effort from a young Richmond, VA band of the same name. The title pretty much gives it away, but it’s charm lies in its carefree, slacker attitude.

Elvis Depressedly – Slip

Elvis Depressedly are a rare band that seem to resonate right to the core of your being. Their washed out, lamenting vibes are none more present than on new single ‘Slip’. Taken from their new EP ‘California Dreaming’, it’s a reminder of how much we need to treasure the band.

Let’s Eat Grandma – Eat Shiitake Mushrooms

The third foray into the weird, twisted minds of Let’s Eat Grandma find them at their best. ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’ is a captivating pop song, full of menacing organ’s, chiming xylophone and what sounds like a sample of a bird. Then it switches gear altogether, suddenly becoming a hip-hop tune with both girls rapping over the dark beats they’ve made for themselves

OG Swaggerdick – We Don’t Need Donald Trump As Our President

Protest music has a long, colourful history of subtle subversiveness. Right the way from Woody Gutherie’s “This Land Is Your Land” to Kendick Lamar’s “Alright”, protest music provides a rallying cry for social issues. But when that issue is Donald Trump, why not just shed the subtlety and but as blunt as he is. OG Swaggerdick hits the nail right on the head with lines like “Fuck Donald Trump he can suck my dick” rapped over a trap version of the American National anthem. Srsly though, Fuck Donald Trump.

And of course…

Prince – Purple Rain

Rest in peace you beautiful, purple alien