Back at it again with a mix of new songs that we’ve enjoyed this week, there is, unfortunately, not as much Drake this week. But not to fear, because what we’ve lined up for you instead will more than satiate your appetite for new music. Let’s start shall we?

Skeleton frames – Quicksand

First up this week is Exeter-via-Bristol noise makers Skeleton Frames with a song that will burst your eardrums. ‘Quicksand’ is the first song off the five pieces debut EP and it sets a pretty high marker. Heavy as lead guitars compete with haunting vocals in a perfect mix of grunge and shoegaze.

The Julie Ruin – I Decide

God how we’ve missed Kathleen Hanna. The Julie Ruin is Hanna’s project that she started in 2010, and ‘I Decide’ is the first song off their upcoming record. It’s exactly what we all expect/want from Hannah; a huge punk song, but with drums lifted straight out of Le Tigre. So yeah, basically amazing. Plus the video stars Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield.

Yung – Uncombed Hair

These four yung (sorry) Danish boys have been attracting a lot of attention over the last year but have slowly building their sound. They’ve grown from the brash punk that typified their first EP and ‘Uncombed Hair’ finds them exploring a more tender side. Not that any of their energy has left them. The frantic guitars and heavy use of reverb puts the band firmly alongside Eagulls and Ice Age.

Tamu Massif – Holding Back

There’s very few people who possess voices that make me cry. Not like a proper cry, but just like a silent one. A single mournful tear. A tear shed for a voice that is just so delicate, special and honest that I can’t help myself. Bristol’s Tamu Massif possesses a voice that can do this to me and ‘Holding Back’ is, even by his standards, intimate and stripped back, featuring mostly just his voice and his guitar. And it’s wonderful.

Weaves – Candy

Weaves never seem to stand still. ‘Candy’ is yet another insane three minutes of Pixies and Sonic Youth inspired weirdness. I know what a guitar should sound like, but the noises that the band make just don’t sound like they came from the same instrument that I know. Vocalist is again onpoint in using her amazing voice to take the madness even further.

Sunface – (In My dreams) I Have It All

Sunface is the bedroom pop project from 18 year old Daniel Longmore and somehow he’s released three fantastic songs in the space of a month. All three are woozy, lo-fi sunkissed pop, but new single ‘(In My Dreams) I Have It All’ is easily his best yet, it’s easy melodies and charm putting you in mind of Jaws.

Oscar – Good Things

I’m not sure Witchita signee Oscar has even written a song that isn’t insanely catchy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an artist who so consistently plants a chorus in my head for days on end as the slacker-pop prince. Pair that with his gorgeous baritone and you’re onto a winner every time. ‘Good Things’ is slightly less upbeat than normal, but is still fantastic.

Something Anorak – Shake Fist at Sky

The other half of the split 7” that Bristolians Something Anorak are sharing with Gorgeous Bully. It’s less introverted than their usual offerings, with a driving drum beat and melodic guitar, shaking off the usual reverb that soaks their songs. As usual though it’s brilliant.

Skaters – The Loner

Skaters came away from their major label experience pissed off and looking for something new, and with their new track they’ve definitely made a leap towards it. Gone is the more sedated Strokes like sound of their debut and in it’s place is some heavy rock’n’roll. ‘The Loner’ feels like the band have a point to prove, and with a more raucous sound, they definitely prove it.

James Blake – Timeless

Oh James, James, James, how you tease us so. It’s been what feels like a lifetime since the mysterious producer/singer/genius released his last album and I can’t take it anymore. Luckily he’s feeding us little bits to keep us amused, and ‘Timeless’ which was premiered on his BBC Radio 1 show, more than does that. It’s a minimal, threatening garage song, full of clicks beeps and a thumping synth with his angelic vocals layered on top. He still hasn’t announced a release date for his album though, so he isn’t forgiven yet.

Check back next week for more tracks