What a wonderful day it is for you today. Little did you know when you woke on that you’d be gifted with a brand new track from Oliver Wilde, Bristol based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/generally nice guy.

And what a track it is. Put up on his soundcloud this morning, with only one underwhelming tweet for company, ‘Bifida’ finds Oliver recapturing the form of his previous album Red Tide Opal in The Loose End Womb, and the track features the distorted, layered vocals that have become his signature. The track seems clearer than his previous work though, losing the shoe-gazy fog that is often laid thick over all of his track, making it feel uplifting. It also makes great use of some lush string parts.

Whether this is just a standalone single, the first release from a new album or the start of a weekly track release á la Kanye West is unclear. But let us, just for second, imagine how great a new Oliver Wilde album would be now the weather is starting to brighten up.

Listen to ‘Bifida’ right here: