April 13 | Thekla

Not everyone appreciates a novelty when it comes to the music they love, for the most part this means tribute acts are a massive no-no. Although Wednesday night at Thekla provided something slightly more heartfelt and unique.

Mexrissey are an outlet that pretty much live up to their name. A bunch of really enthusiastic people singing the music of The Smiths and Morrissey in Spanish. Until now, I was blissfully unaware that Morrissey was so embedded in the culture of Mexico. Needless to say, this covers band are an outlet who reinforce the wild reputation of those south of the border. That’s essentially the basics of what makes them so joyful.

The seven-piece don’t waste time in dropping classics like ‘How Soon Is Now’ and ‘Suedehead’. In truth, it feels oddly right to be singing songs about longing, lust and resent to the colourful notes of traditional Mexican instruments. We get to hear further anthems like ‘Panic’ and ‘Ask’, lovingly lifted a world away from their original musical landscape in a grey and sullen Manchester.

You can’t help but think it would have been quite the sight to see how the fresh-faced Morrissey might react to this group. Probably with poetic distain if we’re being honest. Tonight though, you can imagine the man with a wry yet embarrassed grin on his face at such a prospect. Apologies though Moz, the blunt fact of the matter is, this is merely a beautiful and light-hearted occasion.

The hold of Thekla is an animated sight from the back. Pints are held proudly aloft and dramatic hand gestures are flowing. Although the crowd are unsure about whether to follow the lead of those onstage or just sing in English, it’s not awkward so much as just humorous. One confession is that it certainly pays to take a girlfriend who studies Spanish.

Check out ‘International Playgirl’ right here: