All Tomorrow’s Parties announced this morning that next weekend’s event, curated by Drive Like Jehu, has been cancelled. Despite managing to put on an event this weekend, the promotions company has again failed to meet promises and has claimed the event had to be cancelled due to “lack of financial viability.”

For many this is pretty unsurprising, with the festival having cancelled a number of their events recently. Even the event they ran this weekend has been plagued by rumours that many acts had not been paid what they were promised.

Drive Like Jehu initially broke the news, calling it a “uniquely cruel hoax” in a statement you can find here, before the organisers themselves issued a statement.

The good news is that they’ve promised to give all who bought tickets their money back, but whether or not they deliver on the promise is a different matter.

Check out Drive Like Jehu’s ‘Step On Chameleon’ right here: