Lana Del Rey ‘Honeymoon’ | Album Review

Doused in LA smog, languid vocals pour from her mouth like smoke as hedonism and heartbreak course through her veins on this, album four. Unbearably fragile from start to finish, ‘Honeymoon’ is loneliness incarnate but, more importantly: it’s quite divisive.

Undeniably her most consistent release to date, it unflinchingly adheres to the tone set by its equally-titled opener — which may in fact be its undoing. Del Rey’s noir-drenched brand of sorrow has always gone hand in hand with her empowered ‘bad bitch’ persona. Yet this is a victimised Del Rey, a woman devoid of that mesmerizing fire which, while that may be the point here, comes off somewhat shallow and without conviction.

Check out the self-titled single right here: