Our Nameless Boy ‘A Chorus Short’ | EP Review

Our Nameless Boy 'A Chorus Short' | Self-release | 28.08.15.

Having completed their first UK tour in support Faux this June, Bristol’s Our Nameless Boy follow up last year’s single with the release of debut EP, ‘A Chorus Shy’.

The three-track offering opens with the heartbreakingly beautiful ‘King’, which combines transcendent guitars and half-screamed vocals that border on early Brand New, sitting well with their clear Manchester Orchestra influence. ‘Won’ takes a much heavier approach, blending both harmonious and distorted guitars to good, almost haunting effect, while final track ‘We Are Ghosts In This’ smashes together a grunge-emo revival with a helping of punk rock for good measure.

Bursting in with a debut this impressive? Good work boys, you’ve done Bristol proud.

Check out ‘I Never Went Hunting’ right here:

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