The Travis Waltons ‘Separation Season’ | Album Review

The Travis Waltons 'Separation Season' | Self-release | 10.08.15.


From Matt Pryor and Jamie Lenman, to Charlie Simpson and S H Davidson; Bristol’s rock duo The Travis Waltons have pulled out the big guns on sophomore release ‘Separation Season’.

With thoughtful guitars, well-tamed drums and heartfelt lyrics, there’s a sense of intimacy and understanding when comparing this to 2014’s ‘Your Neck Is Bleeding’. With the rhythmic guitar work of ‘Tell Me Where You Are’, the lucidity of ‘Separation Season’ and the heartbreak of ‘Doom’, these songs spiral through love, hate and what could have been.

It’s Daniel Flay’s honesty and songwriting though, that really stand tall here — just why The Travis Waltons keep alt-rock sounding fresh.

Check out ‘Doom’ right here:

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