Night Beds ‘Ivywild’ | Album Review

Night Beds 'Ivywild' | Dead Oceans | Out now.


A whole new breed of haunting, Night Beds’ latest album ‘Ivywild’ is an electro-R&B fusion that explores a kaleidoscope of brave musical combinations and emotionally-charged lyrics. The project of 26-year-old Winston Yellen, Night Beds has made a notable transformation since the acoustic, alt-country melodies of widely-acclaimed 2013 album, ‘Country Sleep’.

‘Ivywild’ is intoxicatingly melancholic, described by Yellen himself as a collection of “sad sex jams”. His smooth vocals remain the focal point throughout though and, by the end of the six-minute opener ‘Finished’, we’re transported into a dark, spacey trip of an album — constantly intriguing and, at times, incredibly beautiful.

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