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Stevie Parker Cover Feature

Photos: Adam Gasson “I don't think I ever really had major ambitions to do music.” Stevie Parker is a picture of understated accomplishment: an oversized...

Kite Base Interview

Oliver Evans chats to the bass-playing, electronic duo about the challenges in starting a new project.

Bristol Because With: Nikesh Shukla

This month, we pick the brains of ‘The Good Immigrant’ editor and Rife Magazine’s Nikesh Shukla.

Pond Interview

Ross Jones talks to Perth band Pond about their new album 'The Weather'.

Vagabon Cover Feature

Lætitia Tamko’s project Vagabon is a celebration in being different and carving out a space that is entirely your own.

An Interview with The Spook School

Since the release of their second album, Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School have been finding rightfully-deserved comfort in who they are.

An Interview with Milo’s Planes

Punk is like Marmite: you love it or you hate it. Defining the genre in 2017 is tricky too. Purists would swear by The...

Bristol Because With: Don’t Tell Your Mother

his month, we pick the brains of Chris and Nic from LGBT+ & friends clubnight, Don’t Tell Your Mother.

Get to Know: Fat Lip Fest

Get the low-down on Bristol's Fat Lip Fest with a quick-fire Q&A with founder Ian Chadderton.

Get to Know: Psych Fest

We ask Al Studer of Psych Fest how the festival got started and what you can expect ahead of this weekend's festivities.