Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 14th-20th June

Gigs of the Week is here to remind you that despite the footballing hoo-ha over in Russia for the next month, gigging truly remains the beautiful game.

LUMP | Live Review & Photoset

From chips and cheese to chips and gravy, things get pretty special when two outstanding components combine. LUMP have that potential. Zander Sharp reviews. Photos by Abbie Shipperley.

Belly | Live Review & Photoset

Wielding songs that were old friends and bringing many pleasant new acquaintances from 2018's 'Dove' Belly satiated the SWX crowd. Jon Kean reviews. Photos by Jess Greenwood.

Moaning | Live Preview

With ten years of experience in other esteemed DIY bands behind them, Moaning head to Bristol for the first time sounding immediate and assured. Ross Jones previews.
Gin Birkins

The Gin Birkins, Menstrual Cramps & Kiss Me, Killer | Photoset

Punka provided an off-the-scale triple bill of badass bands at The Crofters Rights, with Kiss Me Killer, Menstrual Cramps and headliners, The Gin Birkins. Photoset by Mar Reyes.
Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett | Live Review & Photoset

5th June | O2 AcademyPhotos: Laure Noverraz“No, let’s not play that one, we’ll only eff it up,” said guitarist to drummer.“So…this one?” bassist started...
Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah | Live Preview

The Trinity Centre plays host to the hip-hop colossus that is Ghostface Killah next week. Gabriel Palmer can't wait to be in Ghostface's clan.
Thee MVPs

Thee MVPs | Live Review

"In the scope of things, you wonder quite just how Thee MVPs are still alive, let alone a functioning and damn well-oiled band." Ross Jones reviews their show at The Old England.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 7th-13th June

Modern life rarely presents you with silence, so you might as well mindfully take control of what's going into your ears as often as possible in your waking hours. This week's Gigs of the Week includes all-day shows, afternoon shows and many an evening noisefest.

Triptych | Live Preview

The one-day festival headlined by Autobahn, Triptych will showcase just what is so absorbing about Gravy Train and their dedication and passion for eclectic music. Ross Jones previews.